UX prototyping iphone app for online bank


The prototype application is designed as a proposal in complex with UX analysis to improve the existing mobile applications for users of the MKB Bank.

Feature of the application is, it is intended for users of online and offline for its clients.

Required to create an environment that performs the task and those who belong to locate a public information offices, ATMs on the map, or at those who make transactions online through this application.

Examples of routes from user case of application

The transition to the map, the definition of its geographical location. Browse and search for the nearest bank branches and ATMs on the map. Functionality is available to users without authorization.

The transition to the screen with customer support info and phone bank.

Navigation on sections of information on branches and ATMs on the map. Sections are available without authorization.

Registration is performed by scanning a credit card. Free registration without a card is not present, because the services of an application for online transactions can only customers who have already received a card in office.

Scanner bank card only recognizes his bank card. It is possible to enter the card number manually if the scanner does not detect automatically.

Start screen for authorized users contains a list of cards, deposit accounts and other banking products. The content of the left side-off panel is replaced by a list of online transactions instead of partitions naivgaii and search ofline bank branches on the map.

On the right side-off panel contains information about additional services connected with the bank to the user information about the user, as the client of the bank, last login, information on a personal manager, phone bank. Access to modify the information in the application no.

Viewing page of a credit card, the transition to operations available for this card, go through the list and select the service of the payee

The process of recharge mobile phone with a credit card payment confirmation code from the code card.