Video online management system


Service designed for the video production company that places video ads and creates video content for restaurants, shopping malls, airports and other chains with possibility of indoor advertisement.

This web application for building video playlists and monitoring online delivery to the customer.

The application solves the problem of commercials distribution shown on displays in the chains of restaurants, malls and other advertising platforms.

Video online management system

Application allows you to accommodate commercials evenly between the main videos.

Creating a new playlist is a project, it consists of the playlist edit page (visual timeline and cataloge search field with filters) and customers binding mechanism.

Playlist design occurs by the drag-n-drop arrangement of the main content video and commercials from the cataloge. Video files are downloaded to the directory in advance.

The final product is a many hours playlist with assembled files in it, it is published in a closed torrent network and could be downloaded by all the clients computers to whom this playlist is assigned.

Client is a Linux computer, installed in the restaurants or other chains. It plays the prepared playlist on the connected tv-screens.

Simultaneously, the clients computer should automatically repeat the same playlist on all screens around the clock until it receives a new playlist.

Each new playlist sent to the client, at first must be downloaded completely and then replaces the old playlist.


The same playlist is designed for many clients. Sending playlist to the client begins after binding him to the playlist by inclusion in the sample of clients associated with each playlist.

The application verifies the connection to each client, the loading status of the playlist and saves the history of playlists which were sent to a client.


It is a multilplayer system, there is a separation of access rights to the administrator and to other users.

All user actions are recorded in the event list and important events come as notifications.


Результаты работ

I researched and supported the demands, designed the system, create and design the UI-design, interface and learning texts

Scheme to the application specification to develop a list of projects and their management mechanisms. The project – part of the story changes and publish the playlist.


Scheme application to the specification for the development of basic tools – a visual timeline for movies and commercials

Video online management system

The application is running, put into operation.