Web-based interface of «Business Guardian» (UX)

«Business Guardian»  WINDOWS APPLICATION SCREENS  Analyzing Factors Settings  Content Analysis Events  Module Architecture Settings

«Business Guardian» – a software for company net security, developed for Windows OS, digital product of Iteranet. Designed to detect and prevent violations of information security policy in a company, the findings of leaks of confidential information.

I designed and developed the interface design web-application of system. This publication will be described the process and solutions of the analysis and prototyping phase.

My task was to understand the supplied data system, the current structure and relationships, hierarchies and dependencies, to analyze the opportunity to present these data in the Web interface without the loss of function of the stationary version of the system, and create an interface web application so so it was convenient and clear, and the new and old users of the system.

Subject, the problems

Supply of traffic from multiple sources, decoding, traffic analysis, the formation of objects – content items identified by automatic filters deployed on the basis of rules established by the analyst. Potentially dangerous object data structure is the reason for the formation of different types of events. Objects are subject to one or more events. Events are divided into types by the method of forming the control rules.

The data stream is first analyzes the machine, and then the analyst analyzes fired at the specified conditions and detainees system. After the automatic traffic analysis system for viewing and response person has a lot of data that needs to control and decision-making.

Analyst preformed system of rules. What makes it more precise and selective, better data are processed without human intervention.

A system comprising atypicaly many entities and categories of data require careful analysis, identification of similar principles in the work of the user in different scenarios, and the fundamental differences in order to develop a universal approach to the presentation and behavior of the interface. To the user, learn to work with one module, using skills acquired during the transition to the next.

Categories of data in a editable and non-editable, but the overall processes of the user and those with other data close, so the interface view editable criteria analysis was created, keeping the principles of lists non-editable data – events and objects, workstations, and further amended forms customizable settings.

It was logical to create similar tools in the interface to form criteria for some different methods of analysis, despite the completely different operators and parameters.

Categories of data supplied after the automatic analysis – events and objects – the essence of non-editable, but they require the installation status, the commission of control actions. Elements of the analysis criteria – editable and test substance with the deployed configuration parameters. Analysis and interviews with users shows that it is desirable to establish common principles for displaying all types of data for lists and records. And so, to be able to make versatile action, universally the same place the tools for switching view modes, monitoring tools, and without problems supplemented, where necessary, the edit buttons in the context of each list. It was necessary to move quickly to a detailed view records consistently and without losing sight of the state with a list of all the events.

System users are divided into two disjoint groups are::

Analysts, trained professional contingent of using options to create filtering rules, and traffic control.

System administrators, сwho create the architecture modules and control the stability of their work.

The analysis identified the challenges and problems that had to try to solve the design:
  • Develop an information architecture and interface sections of the application, including two separate functional software version of the Business Guardian Administrator and Business Guardian Analytics.
  • To develop an interface to two separate specializations users – analysts and system administrators.
  • Submit a huge amount of data received by the system logical and consistent user experience for quick viewing mode and an informative mode careful analysis on the same front-end screens.
  • Improve the principles of multi-interface filtering and search options, test conditions the criteria on variable test data display modes conditions and other specialized services system.
  • Increase the speed of the analyst by facilitating viewing of well-structured data.
  • To separate important information from the secondary list items in the data.
  • To help ensure a sufficiently rapid reaction rate analyst initially on events requiring priority without losing focus on the state of the whole system.
  • Develop criteria for analyzing the creation interface and system logical and easy to understand and learn to use the system.
  • To enable administrators to monitor processes in real-time, the architecture of which they create
  • Invent composition data for the charts, which analysts will assess the state of the system immediately.

Results and sequence of work

We studied and analyzed the functionality and business challenges program Business Guardian Analytics and Business Guardian Administrator, processed and transferred to the Web version of the interface of all relevant services of the system.

  • create a single integrated architecture of web application
  • Initially developed static and interactive prototypes of key sections of a web application to work with users spend 70% of the time:
    • Settings of tested multicomponent filter for analisis – the basic algorithm of content-filtering traffic
    «Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES  Settings of Content Analysis Factors
    • The list of events in the analysis with view each event in the master panel;
    «Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES  Content Events
    • Configuration control panel, servers and modules for users with administrator role;
    «Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES  Configuration of Modules
  • Developed interactive prototypes of three key sections. Example and detail prototypes http://x6iuw2.axshare.com/#p=home
  • Designed an additional 40 screens: lists, settings, data analysis algorithms, view events, objects, content, subjective methods of analysis, the analysis of the formal features, testing criteria and process control in the production machine.
  • Formed and approved the structure of the blocks and standards of interface components for each section of the application
  • Compiled an interactive prototype of the entire application, including the mechanisms for user interaction at all designed screen forms.
  • Select the most demand and necessary for rapid assessment data streams to form sections on statistics charts of dashboard application.
  • Interface tested regular users of inpatient programs Business Guardian.
  • According to the results of iterative testing made a large number of improvements in the initial concept of the structure, as a whole regarding the screens and detail ui-components. In particular, once the assembly has changed the parameters of cards composition which would require further testing, and the search for the optimal view for most users, and depending on the output information may require additional display modes for individual data streams. The icons are present in large numbers on the cards list, allow briefly to fit a lot of markers informative and habitual users of the system, the values ​​of many metaphors icons kept the same as in the desktop version of the application. In the next part of the case will be submitted to the process of developing UI-design, where it was possible to perceive normally submit a small number of elements needed for this was the right mesh

The results of designing the interface provided in the form of static image files and interactive prototype developed in Axure.

Designed by components and services

  • Information architecture of the entire application, which combines the capabilities of analytics and system administration.
  • Multi-level horizontal navigation
  • Compact functional complex blocks with independent scrolling each for view lists y center and view list items in the master panel right, with the tools of action for the current list item
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES / List of Subject Analysis Factors
  • Expandable filter for the server search in list with external indicator of activity options.
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES / Interface filtering of search
  • Mechanic changing content in the master panel to view the edit without having to reload and loss of focus on the current data in the field of view.
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES / Interface View/Edit in Master Panel
  • The tabular view of the desktop application of data processed in the list of the cards, thus avoiding many empty cells produced on these data in tabular form, the difficulty of assessing scattered across multiple string parameters
  • Applying repeatability and heritability of the principles of building the interface list of data elements to display and edit one element includes three viewing modes and editing tools with a differentiated display, depending on the view
  • The main type view for output data is list, – list element is a card. Card is compact, contains most of the parameters of the element, has two viewing modes – collapsed, containing only the name, type and critical indicators and detailed, it is convenient without opening the detail view monitor situations that require attention, detailed the record in the master panel to move in if necessary, edit the installation response to the event processing associated categories of data – text documents, triggered criteria
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES /  List views
  • Alert system for the types of analysis, events, and objects associated with each type, criticality violations for events, objects, criteria analysis, object types, depending on the protocol of data recovery, the state objects have fallen under the sanctions system status indicators workstations, came under the sanctions system, indicators and monitoring of the criteria for analysis, indicators and monitoring of ongoing and pending processes, synchronization indicator criteria, indicators of activity analysis modules
  • Designations types, species, weight and threshold criteria for analyzing the characteristics of the icons needed for testing logical went into use in the designation of violations meet these criteria.
  • Mechanisms established test criteria of content analysis on the data and changed arbitrarily
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES / Criteria testing
  • Summary of data and reports in the fixed version has been presented is not enough, and only deployed as custom reports, web-based dashboards formed with the detailed dynamic infographics data realtime.
«Business Guardian»  AXURE WEB APPLICATION PROTOTYPES / Dashboard Infographics with Realtime Data

The period of study two software system «Business Guardian» – one week

The period design, and approval of prototypes – twenty working days

The period of development of design applications – twenty five working days. This is the next publication

All materials used in this report are owned by Iteranet and protected by copyright law.

Elena Baranova, UX / UI Designer